Friday, July 19, 2013

First Heat Wave of the Year

This has been a difficult week at Lansing.  The motor for the main pump failed on Sunday.  I made a few calls and got the system set up with only the jockey pump.  A new motor will be installed on Monday.  Our pumping capacity is 650 gallons per minute when both pumps are working.  With only a jockey, it is reduced to 175 GPM.  That has meant that I had to start watering very early and ending as play starts this week.
Many golf courses have been busy this week hand watering.  Even though we've had warm temperatures, it's been humid.  If we overwater during these conditions, disease will become a major concern.  By limiting water, we hit the hot spots with a little extra water during the day.

The greens have held up well this week.  A nice rain would be welcomed.

The fairways are showing the most stress during this heat spell.

This is Mike our newest employee.  His brother Ricardo has worked here for 2 years.  Even though he's a rookie. Mike has caught on quickly.  He has already learned greens mowing.  He will also do some rookie jobs like weed whipping and bunker work

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