Monday, March 16, 2015


75 today, but back to the normal 40's the next couple of days.  No carts for at least a week or two.  Walkers are welcome.
First group of the year.  Last week Bong and Bob were our first group to play.  They played the front.  We've been pumping the back nine for several days and it should be ready for walking Monday.

Number 16 after pumping.  Below before pumping.

Pond left of number 2.  They outlet drain doesn't work as well as when I started in 2008.  We will try and get a trencher and put in a new line.  We'll have to be careful as there's an irrigation line along with wire between the pond and the ditch.
Overall we had a much better winter with only slight damage on some low fairways.  The snow cover insulated the greens from the extreme cold we had in February.  We also didn't develop any ice damage like last winter.  There was some mole/mouse damage on the putting green, 7 green and 8 tee.