Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Golf Season Coming to an End

Tuesday, I treated the greens for snow mold.  This is the last application for the season.

Here, Butch started grinding reels.  He will do this on all mowers.  He also grinds bed knives, and checks all mowers.  With the help of Jose, all machines will get oil changes, new filters and plugs.

With frost this morning, we cut down an infected ash tree.  We plan on cutting about 20 more this winter.

This shows what happens to ash trees after they are infected.  Basically, water movement is cut off under the bark.  The top of the tree then defoliates and the tree eventually dies.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Irrigation Blow Out

We rented a 375 cfm air compressor from Burris Equipment to blow out our irrigation system.  Matt Davis dropped it off early, so I got a head start and started blowing out the system Sunday morning.  With weather looking not so nice this week, the jump start to the process helps out.  We hook into the compressor at the pump house.  Since we are flat and small, I don't have to move it around the course.  Jose actually started Friday by winterizing the pump house and by disconnecting the intake pipe and pulling it up on shore with the help of Juan and Alex.

First, we go around and get most of the water out through the quick couplers that are on tees and greens.  This took me about 2.5 hours this morning.  Jose will go around Monday morning and do it again before I turn every head on with the radio.  We get 99% of the water out before I start with the radio.
We keep the heads on until we see mostly misty air coming out and go onto the next head.  I check off each station as I go.  With about 500 heads, I need to keep track to make sure I get them all.