Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aerification Reminder

Just another reminder that next Wednesday, September 5, the course will be closed as we aerifiy all the greens in one day.  We once again hired Gritten Turf to deep tine.  When we do this in house, it takes us 2 weeks and ties up 3 greens daily.  By doing this early in September, I'm hoping the holes will heal up quickly.  If you remember last year, we waited until September 12 and finished October 6.  We did have to take a week off because of rain.

The putting green was aerified on September 12 and was looking good on October 6.

This green was completed on October 6 and with an early frost last year never completely healed by winter.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Club Championship and Storm Clean Up

I would like to congratulate our 2012 club champions.  I wasn't there for day 2, but I hear their were epic battles on both the men's and women's events.  Chuck Starcevich had a come from behind win over Mike Kosich while Judy Loria had to go 3 extra hole to beat defending champion Melissa Kerr.  Early rain led to softer, slower conditions but play well.

The rain this week is nice, but the moisture also leads to disease.  We don't treat our fairways like the greens and tees, so this is the result.  Dollar Spot.   The number 1 disease at Lansing Country Club.

Name this insect.

The pumpkin patch on the hill.  I saw an article about Flagg Creek that had pumpkins and thought that looked like a good idea.

We got Sam Schlesinger from the pro shop to help on the storm clean up last week.  He got help from member Gene Eenigenburg who also let us use his trailer.  They made about 13 trips to the dump in 6.5 hours.  Thanks guys.

The micro burst a couple of Saturday's ago damaged the pontoon.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Storm Pictures

Limbs from a Locust tree at #8 tee.  A quick micro burst with .55 inches of rain hit Lansing on Saturday.  This will take a couple of days to clean up.  Most of the crew can come on Sunday to start the removal of branches.  Power went out again.  Scott was able to get 3 generators going quickly.

The area with the most debris is #12.

Guy Liptack purchased new white flags.  With budget cuts, we have tried to extend the life of some items on the course. 

This is common on courses around Chicago this year.  The 2 inches of rain a couple of weeks ago, followed by heat, put a some of our fairways over the edge.  This was a result of poor drainage and week varieties of turf.  Poa annua, Poa trivialis both couldn't handle the conditions.  With Fall coming, I'm hoping it will fill in naturally.  If not, we will aerify and seed.  The last few years, we have improved drainage, but still have several holes to work on.