Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reminders of the next couple of weeks

Reminder that we are bringing in the porta a johns on Thursday.  In November, we slowly start bringing course accessories like ball washers, benches and bunker rakes.  On Monday, November 11th, we are blowing out the irrigation system.  We are down to 2 seasonal workers that are now part time.  We'll try and cut greens 3 times a week, tees and fairways twice, change cups and rake bunkers when necessary.  More time will be spent blowing and mulching leaves.  The driving range will be closed after this week.

We had some success with the wild flowers even with drought conditions.

The fescue came in nice by the pump house.

We've been cutting the native areas down the last couple of weeks.

Lansing Country Club grounds staff for 2013.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Greens Aerification Complete

On Tuesday, we had CS Turf aerify our greens with 1/2 " solid tines.

Jose then applied sand.

Alex and then Juan waited for the sand to dry and then used a coco mat to drag.
I then blew off any excess sand.  Alex then reset the cups followed by watering.  The hole process was finished in 8 hours.  Wednesday we received .4 " of rain and we were able to mow again on Thursday.  The holes should be completely healed by the end of this week.
We will try and fertilize greens this week and aerify a few par 3 fairways.  We are down to 3 seasonal workers and lose Ricardo next Saturday.  Juan, Alex, Jose and myself will try and keep up with all daily tasks.  This is the time of year when we start to back off on mowing.  Longer, cooler nights and shorter days will start to reduce the need for daily mowing.  Leaves are starting to drop, so that becomes priority for the next couple of weeks.