Thursday, August 15, 2013

Course Record

Here are the  2013 club champions.  Sammi Sloan won her first title that included a course record 59 on day 2 that even included a bogey.  Chuck Starcevich retained his title.  Congratulation to the both of you.
Lets roll back the lunch menu to 1975.

We are already cutting the new tee on #15.  Seed has germinated but we need to take care of some crabgrass and weeds.  It should be ready for play next spring.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Club Championship and Meet the Staff

Good luck to all playing in the club championship.  We are double cutting greens each day to increase green speed.

Jose has been at Lansing since 2007.  He also spent 4 years at Woodmar CC.  His main job is running the crew.  He can operate all equipment and fixes all irrigation problems.
Juan has been here since 2008.  His main jobs are greens, tees, rough, fairways and bunkers.

Alex is in his second year, but has 15 years experience at several other golf courses.  His main jobs are cup changing, tees, greens, fairways and watering of flowers and new trees.

Ricardo is in his second season.  His main jobs are fairways, greens and bunkers.
Luis is also in his second season.  His main jobs are greens, rough and bunkers.
With 4 of the 5 seasonal workers returning this year, we got off to a great season.  Training of a new employee takes several weeks.
Remember the drought of 2012.  We are actually drier the last 2 months compared to last year.  The difference is that this year is much cooler and we started off wet.