Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tony Lema Memorial, 3 Inches of Rain

In memory of "Champagne" Tony Lema, Jim Weidenfeller along with help from Jose, made this memorial on #7 tee near the site of his plane crash.

Never a dull moment on the golf course.  We are hiring a company to pull this out of the lake.  I hope to have it removed by next week.  It's much too big for our equipment to remove safely.

A killdeer seems to like nesting on #13 cart path every year.

Purple Martin.

The front entrance is looking better.

3 inches of rain this month has made it difficult to mow.  This is 6 days of growth on a fairway.  We normally cut them 3 days a week.  I haven't needed to run an irrigation cycle yet this season.

Thanks Guy Liptack for getting us up to code with a new hand rail.