Friday, April 27, 2012

Bunker #7 and Course Update

We finished adding sand to the bunker on #7 this week.  Balls will plug and it will play soft as the sand settles.  With a little rain and some grooming it will play better in a couple of weeks.  We will finish up some sod work around the edge next week.

We finally got around to filling all divots this week.  Par 3's got divot boxes.  Please fill divots.  With a small crew, we can't fill them daily.  Your help is needed.

Maggie Smith got us a new golfers crossing sign.  I also found a new stop sign up in the rafters.
We got a new worker this week and start 2 others in the next couple of weeks.  All 3 have experience from other courses.  This will help minimize training and let us get to more projects sooner.  It looks like next week will get temps back up into the 70's.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Bunker Work, Bridge Work, Pond Work

We had a lot going on this week at Lansing Country Club.  Along with mowing, cup changing and bunker raking, we worked on bunker renovation, bridge work and pond clean up.  We had some member help and a golf pro helping with a bobcat.
Steve Sevald help with removing of sand in the bunker on #7. 

Scott used his skills with a bobcat to remove sand and dump in his trailer.

Jose and the crew hand dug the trench for the drainage pipe.  Jesus and I installed pipe and back filled with pea gravel.  I ordered sand for next week, so it should be playable soon.

Ed Follmar used some spare time this week to seal coat the bridge.

Steve Mayerak and Gene Eenigenburg helped clean up the cattails that Steve Sevald pulled out of the pond.

The old bunker between 13 and 14 has a big change this year.  It's no longer a free drop if you land in it.  It is now marked as a hazard with red stakes.  You can hit out of it, but can't ground your club.
The other option is assess yourself a 1-stroke penalty and take a drop. The drop can be taken within two club lengths from the point where the ball crossed the margin of the hazard, no nearer the hole. Or a golfer can go to the opposite side of the lateral water hazard and drop at a spot on the hazard's margin that is equidistant from the hole.  I'm not a rules expert, so any clarification should be directed to Scott.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Superitendents Revenge Scramble and Ditch Clean Up

I would like to thank all the members who came out for the superintendents revenge scramble today.  We also got an extra $30 in donations from 3 members that couldn't play.  This money will be used to help pay for our new utility cart.  Since I'm normally gone by the time some of you play, it was nice seeing some new faces.

This is what happens when you walk on a green that has frost on it.  Please check in at the pro shop before going on the golf course when the temperature is 40 degrees or below.  I update them on course conditons before letting golf start.  These footprints should grow out in about a week.

Steve Sevald and Scott have been helping with drainage this last week.  We had access to a back hoe and skidsteer this week.  Steve used the skidsteer to clean out these ditch lines while Scott finished shaping and cleaning up the spoils.  Steve also cleared out some overgrown cattails on number 8 and did some work behing tee number 13.  The clean spoils will be used on the new chipping green while the less clean spoils will be used on the new hill.

Over the years, the ditch lines have collected sediment which has slowed up draining of surface water.  By cleaning them out, we hope to dry up the course quicker on heavy rain days.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Green Mowing and Bunker Work

Last Friday, we walk mowed greens for the first time.  The early start to golf season is great for you, but hard on my budget.  Jose and I can't get it all done so we've had to bring in our two best seasonal helpers early.  We will use a combination of walking and tri-plexing greens until we get more help towards the end of the April.

Juan and Jesus started bunker raking on Tuesday.  They should finish on Thursday.  The first raking is very time consuming.  They are cleaning, pushing sand up on faces, raking and placing rakes out as they go.

This is a "Prairie Fire" crab apple we planted 3 years ago.  I picked this tree because it's resistant to many diseases that defoliate many of the older varieties.  Guy Lipack has been helping me choose and donating many of the new tree plantings the last few years.  We are planting in areas that have trees that need to be removed in the next few years.

We will have all 3 port a johns out this weekend.  Tee signs and the rest of the ball washers should also be out.  Thank you for your patience as we get ready for the golf season.