Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snow, Cold, Rain, Repeat

This is why we always back in the plow truck in the winter.  We had 11 inches of snow a couple of weeks ago.  The snow really wasn't the problem but the wind that followed.  The wind created some huge drifts.  Jose and I gave the truck a workout and broke a bolt.  Butch was able to weld a new bracket and replace the bolt.  The snow cover was nice because it was followed by some extremely cold temps.  In the winter, superintendent are concerned about several things.  Bare turf and cold wind.  Rain or melt down of snow followed by a quick drop in temps.  Ice cover on turf.  All 3 can lead to dead turf.  And then later in the early spring, snow mold.

After the cold, we had a warm up and over an inch of rain.

Jose and I set up pumps on #12 and #16 for a couple of days.  This is our new 4 inch trash pump.

Freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw.  We got the 3 worst pot holes on Friday.  Expect more.