Monday, June 15, 2015

Too Much of a Good Thing

Another .9 inches today brought the total since last Sunday to 5.15 inches.  We were able to cut greens and most of the tees today.  Fairways and Rough are getting very long.  It looks like Tuesday will be cool and dry.  Lets hope for continued dry weather.  Not carts for the near future.

Guy Liptack is almost finished getting us up to code with a new railing in the shop.  Thanks for your time and effort on this project.

Mike Ogorek has been catching catfish this past week.

In about a month, we should start seeing tomatoes for use by Chef Dan.

It's almost over.  This is looks like some new turf disease but is actually cotton.  I'm guessing there about 100 cottonwood trees in the ditch line.  These trees release cotton for about a month this time of year.

Not only are many people allergic, but the cotton sticks to machines and clogs up radiators that can cause them to overheat.  Its nearly impossible to get a nice even cut under these conditions.