Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fall work wrapping up

We had a few late season irrigation leaks this year.  These needed to be fixed before we could blow out the irrigation system.  That was done on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We rent a 375CFM air compressor and it takes about 9 hours to complete.  Jose gets most of the water out through the quick couplers while I blow out the heads.

Most of the leaves have fallen.  Willows and some of the Oaks usually are the last to fall.  The windy weather has really sped up the process.

Course accessories are being brought to the shop.  Tee markers, ball washers, garbage cans, etc.. are sanded and painted.  In the next couple of weeks, I'll explain more on what we do in the winter.

Friday, November 4, 2011


We should have a good dry weekend.  Friday, we mowed the greens and changed the cups.  We also mulched leaves.  We're still a bit wet, so be careful with the carts.
This is the wild area behind #14 tee.  We mow this areas down each fall.  It helps keep the weeds and trees from taking over.  In the spring, I usually spray with a herbicide for weed control.  This year I did find some oak trees.  I will mark them so we don't mow them down next fall.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Port a John's and November Work

This is the time of year tha we start getting ready for Winter.  Jose and I will be doing most everything now until the end of March.  Juan will work a couple of days per week until Thanksgiving.  Butch will soon start going over every machine.  Jose and I will bring in the course accessories including benches, tee markers etc..  They will be sanded an painted.  I'll take many pictures over the off season to show what we do.  Just a reminder, the 3 port a johns are going back Friday, November 4.  I purchased our snow mold protection and in a couple of weeks, we'll blow out the irrigation.