Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back Nine Tees Complete

We were able to complete the back nine tees on Thursday.  We will take a week off and finish the front nine the week of the 16th.  We generally do the back nine first because the front side has more issues with tree roots from trees planted close to tees.  This usually results in broken tines that need to be replaced.  With leagues, outings and a small staff, we spread this process out.  Jose and I start the aerifing and the crew joins up in the clean up as they finish their morning tasks.  Our goal is to finish the day in 8 hours.
After mowing the tee we used our Toro aerifier.  We used 1/2 tines at a depth of 3 to 4 inches.

After allowing time to dry, we use a metal drag mat to break up the cores.

We then blow off the left over thatch, clean up any debris, and turn on water.  This process goes best when you have a sunny, slightly breezy day.  Thursday was cloudy, so the drying process took an extra couple of hours.  With continued warm temps, the holes should recover in a week or 2.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Finally Some Rain

We finally got some rain the last couple of days.  Between Friday night and Saturday afternoon we received about .9 inches of much need precipitation.  That put us just over 2 inches for the month and about 3.5 since July 1.  The average for the 2 months is about 9 inches.  Myself and the crew will finally get a couple days off from hand watering.
Upcoming grounds activities include aerification of tees, fairways, and greens.  We plan on starting tees this week followed by some fairways.  New tines were put in our 1991 Toro aerifier and it's ready to go.  We hired a company to deep tine our greens in early October.  The Lansing staff will then apply sand, drag, blow, fertilize and water in.
We continued planting more trees last week.  I have enough donated money to buy about 11 more trees.

We went with Vinca in our logo bed this year.  I like it because when established, it needs very little care.

I'm sadden of the passing of my good friend Russell Erikson.  He was a member at Lansing since 1987.  A huge Cubs fan, we enjoyed talking at how bad my team the Twins and his Cubs were doing.  If the temp was between 50 and 85, Russ was out there playing golf my himself.  He may only play 3 holes or all 18, but he was out there.  He had his table at the window for lunch.  Half a Panini with a cup of soup and a hot cup of coffee.  Morgan new the routine and had it ready for him.
RIP Russ.