Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Irrigation Blowout

Jose and Juan pulled in the irrigation intake pipe last week.  It was easy this year.  Usually the guys are standing in water to disconnect the pipe.

Last Thursday, we blew out the irrigation system.  We rented a 375 CFM air compressor.  It takes Jose and myself about 8 hours.  It's always nice to get this job done.  Again, we got lucky and had a fairly warm day without rain.

Jose started painting course accessories this week.

We had a swan make a visit today.

This November, we have a trapper help us with our muskrat problem.  He is licensed in both Illinois and Indiana.  In one week he caught 14. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Winter Prep

On Thursday, we are blowing out the irigation system.  I watered tees and greens this morning and maybe 1 more time on Monday.

After the last watering, Jose, Juan and I will bring in the intake pipe.  As you can see, the lake level is way down because of the drought this summer.  I checked the meter in the pump house.  It showed that we used 15 million gallons this summer.  Average for the last 3 years was about 7 million.

It takes several days, but I've been mowing down the wild areas.  It's much easier to do with the dry conditions.
We have been using demo rough mowers the last couple of weeks.  This one show's stripping which is the result of a mower with a roller system.
Over the next week, we will continue bringing in ball washers, water coolers, and hazzard stakes.  We are down to 1 seasonal worker until Thanksgiving.  We then go into winter mode.  This involves working on all machines, tree work, plowing and painting.