Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ready For Spring?

I'm not expecting as early of a start this spring like the last couple of years.  A slow warm up is coming over the next week, so Jose and I will have pumps going to lower lake levels.  There is still well over a foot of snow covering most of the course.  Butch has most of the equipment ready.  It takes him several months to go through it all.  Jose and I have about 5 ash trees left to cut down along with 5 cotton woods in the ditch.
I hit this man hole cover a little hard a couple of weeks ago.
Butch was able to repair it.

Jose and I have had only 1 weekend off this year from snow plow duty.

Bruce Bergren reports that there are 16 inches of ice on the lake.  He didn't get his fishing house out the last couple of years due to thin ice.