Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas and Fall/Winter Projects


 With a cooler than normal November, we blew out the irrigation system a week earlier than planed.  This involves renting an air compressor and blowing out each sprinkler head and quick coupler.  It took Jose and I about 7 hours this year.
I also made my last fungicide application couple of weeks earlier than normal.

We continue to remove infected green ash trees.  We got about 15 trees donated this year to help replace the removed trees.  See me if you would like to donate.

The range house was removed this fall.

Santa made is annual appearance at LCC this weekend.  Thanks to Guy Liptack for making this possible.
In the shop, Butch went over 42 carts.  He checks battery strength and determines if we need any new ones.  Generally, we get about 8 years on a set of Trojan batteries.  We've tried lower cost batteries that last about 4 years.  Carts are expensive.  Each has 6 batteries with a set costing about $700.