Sunday, December 21, 2014

Merry Christmas and Fall/Winter Projects


 With a cooler than normal November, we blew out the irrigation system a week earlier than planed.  This involves renting an air compressor and blowing out each sprinkler head and quick coupler.  It took Jose and I about 7 hours this year.
I also made my last fungicide application couple of weeks earlier than normal.

We continue to remove infected green ash trees.  We got about 15 trees donated this year to help replace the removed trees.  See me if you would like to donate.

The range house was removed this fall.

Santa made is annual appearance at LCC this weekend.  Thanks to Guy Liptack for making this possible.
In the shop, Butch went over 42 carts.  He checks battery strength and determines if we need any new ones.  Generally, we get about 8 years on a set of Trojan batteries.  We've tried lower cost batteries that last about 4 years.  Carts are expensive.  Each has 6 batteries with a set costing about $700.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Greens Aerification

 We used CS Turf again this year to aerifiy our greens.  It was a bit cloudy and a little drizzle early but we were able to finish in 9 hours.  The day started in the dark as we mowed and then Renny took over with his cousin.
As each green was finished, Jose applied sand.

When the sand dried, Alex dragged most of it into the holes.
I then blew off any excess sand, with Jose then replacing the cup.  I'm hoping the holes will fill in by Monday.  The greens were in good shape going into this process.  I fertilized last week, so all we need now is some good weather.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Disease Pressure and Repeat Club Champions

This is the approach on #10 green.  It's easy to see where I stop spraying.  With all the rain and warm weather in the last week, disease pressure is very high.  Until now, I didn't have much to worry about.

This is #5 fairway.  After spraying tees last Wednesday, I sprayed the rinsate here.  It was about 1/3 the normal rate.  You can see the side where I ran out.  It's not in the budget to spray our fairways on a regular basis at this time.

A red tailed hawk has been hanging around the last couple of weeks.

Last Monday I aerified the practice tee, cleaned, seeded, topdressed, and fertilized.  It should open by the end of the week.
Repeat club champions Chuck Starcevich and Sammi Sloan.  Great job!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Staff and Lightning

2014 Lansing Country Club Grounds Staff.

Alex is in his third year at Lansing.  Due to a promotion at his day job at Aurelios, he is now part time mostly changing cups, filling divots and generally what ever is needed that day.  He on occasion brings in a pizza for the crew.  Thanks Alex.

Jake is a late season addition to the staff.  Hopefully, he can work into late September.  He does all of the rookie jobs including greens, bunkers and weed whipping.

You might know Josh as a busser or from the pro shop.  We should just call him "slash".  He added grounds crew to his check this year.  He worked twice a week for us and learned to mow greens quickly.  He also raked bunkers and got to know how to run a weed whip.  He's off to North Park College in Chicago next week.  Good luck Josh.

The locust tree at the start of the 2nd fairway was struck by lightning a couple of weeks ago.  It will need to be removed.  Though its not on my list of quality trees for a golf course, it was in a great location protecting golfers on the 6th hole.  This is why you should go to the pro shop or course shelters during unexpected storms.

The first of the tree stumps that were seeded is coming along.  It gets hit with irrigation when we water the fairways.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Junior Golf, Stumps and Meet the Staff

Last day for junior golf.  They held a putting contest and a team scramble.  A pizza party followed.

We added some yellow tees for the senior golfers.  Most are on the back nine.

Scott was able stump grind most of ash tree stumps a couple of weeks ago.  We are now in the process of filling them with seed and soil.  They will be marked as ground under repair until they are playable.

This is Jose our foreman.  He's been at Lansing since 2007.  He also worked at Woodmar for 4 years.  He runs the crew while doing what ever else needs to be done.
This is Orlando "aka Tiburon the shark".  He's a rookie and has learned quickly on the many jobs he performs.  He mows greens, rakes bunkers, weed whips and anything else we ask of him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sunset and Meet the Staff

Sunset at Lansing Country Club
Over the next couple of weeks, I'll introduce the grounds staff.
This is Ricardo.  He's in his 3rd season.  His main jobs are Fairways, Tees, Rough and Bunkers.

This is Juan.  He's in his 7th season.  His main jobs are Tees, Greens, Rough and Hand Watering.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Storm Update

Lansing received just over 2 inches last night.  16 fairway flooded but we had pumps running all day.  Hopefully, we can have carts on the front 9 and cart path only on the back.  The power went out at 10:45 last night but got back on at 7:00 this morning.  We lost only 1 tree, but had to pick up many branches.  Cooler weather is expected in the next couple of days.

With much more rain this spring, the wildflower area is looking better.

Scott had another nice turnout for junior golf.  It continues that several weeks except for the Fourth of July.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Rain Days

What can we do when its too wet to mow?.  Last week Lansing CC received over 3 inches of rain.  We went to the "to do" list. 

High roots were removed from 1, 13,14, and 18 fairways.  It was easy to do because of the wet conditions.  Seed and soil was added.
We were able to put a new drain line in 14 fairway.  It's easy to do but takes time.

 Drain works after another .5 inches of rain.
A new cart path was added to 15 tee box.

Prairie Fire Crabapple in bloom.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Roller Coaster Spring

The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster.  Snow early last week and 75 this Sunday.  I will be turning on the irrigation system on Monday.  This takes several hours. We need to fill up the pipes and then we check each head to make sure they are working properly.   I'm a little concerned because of the cold winter created a deeper frost level.  Hopefully, we don't have any leaks.  Jose is very good at fixing most of these problems.

Last Thursday, I made my first chemical application to the greens.  I apply a product that helps prevent Poa annua seed heads from developing.  I use a system that tracks growing degree days.  I get emails and watch their maps.  It makes timing of this application much more accurate.

This is a spot on fairway #17.  We had winter kill on several fairways mostly on the back nine.  I purchased seed and will get a seeder for this week.  We will mark these areas as I seed them with white paint.  Play as ground under repair.  It should germinate and fill in quickly.  The reason for the damage was a combination of a cold and a snowy winter.  The areas that were hit the worst have poor drainage.  Our greens and tees had minimal damage.  Many courses in Chicago had damage to their greens and are playing on temporary greens.
Saturday, the Easter Bunny made its annual visit to the club.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bird's Eye View


A worker for NIPSCO that was changing a light bulb on the electric tower that crosses the golf course was nice enough to take a view pictures of the golf course for me.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Snow

On Monday and Tuesday, Jose and I spent the day pumping lakes that were full.  Most of the greens were snow/ice free.  Lets hope we get a nice warm up so we can bring in staff to start the spring clean up and start mowing some grass.

Wednesday was spent plowing and shoveling again. We had about 7 more inches of heavy wet snow.  Several limbs also broke.  Maybe 50 on Friday.  This winter is really putting our turf to a test.