Friday, July 5, 2013

Clean Up Continued

To be honest, our clean up has been much easier than the guys on the north side of Chicago.  While we are way above normal on precipitation, they've had to deal with major flooding.
A week ago on Monday, the big storm came through Lansing CC.  After over 200 man hours of clean up, its close to looking like a golf course again.  We've gotten behind in a few detail oriented jobs, but we should catch up next week.  Thank you for your patience.
We had a hydraulic leak last week on #2.  The operator noticed it quickly and got it off the fairway.  We will probably have to dig out some soil on the fairway and seed.  The part in the rough may fill in naturally.  If not, we will airify and seed. 

The cottonwood near #12 tee is finally cleaned up.  We were able to pull it down with a chain and a tractor.   Jose is very good and tree removal.

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