Monday, September 12, 2011

Aerification Has Begun

Here, Jose is aerifing the putting green with a Toro walking aerifier.  We only have this machine, so it's going to take a few weeks to get throught the greens, tees, and small fairways.  In the future, we need to purchase a machine for the fairways.

Here, Salvador is shoveling the cores to the side.  They will be picked up and used as the growing medium for the new chipping green and new tee on #15.  When we do the rest of the course, we will use more workers.  High end clubs have special equipment that picks up cores.

This is the green after Jose applied the topdressing sand.

After the sand has dried, we drag the green with a special coco mat.  Our goal is to fill as many holes as possible.

This is the goal.  At this point we use a blower to remove any extra sand.  Holes that are filled heal quicker.  Later, we will go out and fill any areas that need more sand.

This is the 1st tee.  We do a similiar process except that we drag the cores instead of picking up.  The soil falls into the holes and we blow away the thatch.  After finish a tee or green, we apply some irrigation water.

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